Terms & Conditions

    The issuer of current Terms And Conditions is European Car Auctions Association - and European Union juridical entity, properly registered at Jogailos Str.4, Vilnius, Lithuania, company registration number 303108607 (hereinafter – either Association, or ECAA)
    The membership at the Association may be granted to any legal entity or private individual, as well as to public organization or institution, which has unblemished reputation and which has been performing the activity in the following economical fields for at least 5 years:
    1. Manufacturing and/or sale and/or rent of automobiles and other motor vehicles
    2. Manufacturing and/or sale of the supplies, and/or parts, and/or systems for automobiles and other vehicles
    3. Car workshop and repair service rendering for automobiles and other vehicles
    4. Transportation and logistics of vehicles
    5. Vehicle sports activity
    6. Programming, installation and support of online vehicle auctions platforms
    7. Automobile and other vehicle leasing and redemption rent services
    8. Suppliers of online car auctions
    1. The candidate wishing to enter Association membership, shall fill and sign the Membership Request-Questionnaire, provided in the website www.ecaa.eu. The filled and signed request shall be submitted to Association address Parodų Str. 2, Vilnius LT04133, Lithuania or sent via fax +3702157531, or via e-mail info@ecaa.eu
    2. Candidate, providing the request for ECAA membership, shall have the written recommendations of 2 ECAA members.
    3. Membership of the candidate is approved at the next General Members Meeting in a voting order with at least of 2/3 votes of all ECAA Members.
    4. Following the decision of General Members Meeting, the following member fees are determined:
      1. Member’s entrance contribution for one year
      2. Subsequent annual member fees
    5. After the Membership approval, the candidate shall pay the entrance contribution in the amount, determined by the General Members Meeting, within 15 (fifteen) working days.
    6. The candidate becomes Full Member of ECAA after Membership approval and the moment of the contribution of the entrance fee.
    7. Membership at ECAA is extended for the subsequent year, after the payment of the determined annual membership fee.
    8. ECAA incorporators are the Members of ECAA despite their economic activity performed or the conformity to other foreseen requirements.
    9. ECAA Honorary Membership may be granted to any private individual, either the one, who deserved this membership for his/her activity developing promoting, supporting ECAA ideas and projects, or a person, who due to own reputation is well known among others for irreproachable professional behavior, value-scale enhancement and active contribution to automotive business activity.
      1. Any ECAA Member may suggest the consideration of granting Honorary Membership for particular person. Together with such suggestion, the motivated request shall be provided. The latter requirement is not applied in case if the suggestion to grant Honorary Membership is initiated by Association Chairman.
      2. Honorary Member is elected under the decision of General Members Meeting if there are 2/3 of all ECAA members’ votes received.
      3. Honorary Member keeps only the following rights: to title oneself an Honorary Member of ECAA, to participate at the General Members Meetings, to get acknowledged to all ECAA information, which is provided to all other ECAA members and to participate at ECAA events for free.
      4. Honorary Member receives the official certificate, justifying the status.
      5. Honorary Member is released from any ECAA membership fee.
      1. To participate, to provide own opinion, to suggest decisions and to vote at General Members Meetings.
      2. To be represented by Association at European institutions, in mass media.
      3. To receive membership discounts for ECAA services, publications, researches, for participation at ECAA events, etc.
      4. To get acknowledged to ECAA documentation and to receive all information about ECAA activity.
      5. To resign form Association at any time informing ECAA by written request 30 days in advance. Ending of membership does not release from the fulfillment of financial obligations that appeared until the resignation was initiated. In case of resignation or other termination of the membership, the entrance contribution or member fees, or funds or assets transferred to Association in other ways, are not refunded.
      6. To use ECAA trademark in own communication means and material.
      7. Other rights foreseen in the EU Laws and ECAA Articles of Association
      1. To preserve and to raise the reputation of Association in the market, to restrain the actions, that may impact the downside of ECAA status, to follow the regulations foreseen in ECAA Membership Terms and Conditions and to fulfill the obligations of the Member properly.
      2. To follow ECAA Articles of Association as well as the decisions and regulations approved by the General Members Meeting.
      3. To follow valid residential/establishment country and European Union Laws, which regulate the activity of the Association and its members.
      4. To provide all legitimately requested information about own company and/or activity to ECAA, as well as to report Association immediately in case of changes of the information provided in Membership Request-Questionnaire form.
      5. To settle the payments of membership fee and Association invoices for the services and/pr goods, within the terms, provided in the Articles of Association, in the decisions and in the Membership Terms and Conditions.
      1. To represent the interests of Association members at various institutions, organizations and mass media.
      2. To announce publically press releases and to publish articles on behalf of ECAA members.
      3. To use gratuitously the titles and names of ECAA members as well as their trademarks in ECAA website and in other communication material.
      4. To issue invoices for the membership, ECAA services and goods, on the basis of Membership Terms and Conditions.
      5. In case if a Member does not follow the Membership Terms and Conditions, Association has the right to suspend such member’s membership in ECAA.
      1. To accept and to consider the suggestions, requests, complaints provided by ECAA members.
      2. To provide detailed information about Association activity and members under members requests.
      3. To take into account the comments and notes of ECAA members, in order to improve Association’s activity and activity results.
    1. All the information provided by the candidates in the Membership Request – Questionnaire, is collected by Association strictly in accordance to EU Laws, for the internal administration purposes and for the proper performance of Association activity. This information is not public and may be available only for ECAA members.
    2. ECAA collects the personal data for the following purposes:
      1. To evaluate candidates’ conformity to requirements foreseen in ECAA documentation;
      2. For the administration of ECAA membership;
      3. For the fulfillment of ECAA rights and obligations and for ECAA objectives;
      4. For ECAA accounting records.
    3. Association keeps the personal data during the membership of the individual/ the entity and not longer than for two years after the membership termination.
    4. Individuals/Entities, whose personal data is managed by ECAA, have all the legitimate rights as data-subjects.
    5. Member of ECAA when providing personal data of private individuals in Membership Request-Questionnaire ensures that such persons have given their permissions for data collection by ECAA.